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Ionic\Cordova EACCESS Error

When your running the command “ionic run ios or ionic emulate ios” on a Mac you may be presented with the following error: Error: spawn EACCES The most common cause of this error is that the scripts in your hooks directory don’t have execute permission. You may also try removing and adding your ios provider.
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VSCode and Ionic/Cordova Platform File Locking

If your running into file locking, like in the platform/android/assets/www folder, trying to use the Ionic or Cordova CLI tools with VSCode you need to exclude those folders from your VSCode’s explorer. The benefit here is also they will disappear from your search results from VSCode as well. The error you might be receiving might
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Social Accountability

Two services that we use at Resgrid a lot, UserVoice and Rollbar, don’t have Cordova Plugins. Every couple of months I would cruise the Internet to see if there were plugins for those services. Every time I turned up empty handed and left the cycle to repeat. After thinking about it again I decided that
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