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Azure CPU Linear Growth/Ramp Up Issue

Recently Resgrid experienced an issue with our backend cloud service web role instances. After a deployment our CPU, in all instances, would ramp up from a normal of around 10% to over 90% stay there for a while then ‘reset’ back to 10% and begin the process again. Above is a screen shot of the
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Azure Dashboards: They need to get better

I’ve never really taken the Azure Dashboards seriously, or the Metrics page really. For the uninitiated the Dashboard and Metrics pages inside Azure are views into your Cloud Service, VM, Web App, etc. They give you some key metrics about the resource utilization or performance of your service. Great right, well personally I’ve always felt
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What is Resgrid and what have we learned

Resgrid has been around for just over a year now. We started out as a minimum viable product beta release in late 2012 and launched as a paid service in late 2013. In that year Resgrid has changed so much it’s a completely different application. Most of the change has been customer driven. We pride
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