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.Net’s Stagnation and Brain Drain

Recently Justin Angel posted an essay he’d written titled “The Collapse of the .Net Ecosystem, V3”. It’s an interesting read and very well could be flawed in many meaningful, statically and logical ways. But if you haven’t popped your head up in a while there are noticeably less .Net jobs then there were in 2006-2010.
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Milo Engineering Problem #2

I’m a fan of Ted Dziuba and enjoy reading his blog. I follow his twitter and he sent out a tweet a couple hours ago, apparently Bryce over at SctollingText posted his solution to his company’s (Milo) engineering challenge. You can take a look at Milo’s Engineering Challenge #2 for yourself. It’s a great little
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The Dangers of Copy/Paste Coding

One of my blogging hero’s Jeff Atwood blogged about this a few months ago, but it never really hit home for me until recently. I’m a “Don’t reinvent the wheel” kind of guy, I much rather spend time building direct business value then working on plumbing. So being the blatant rip off artist that I
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