Azure SQL Server V12

Recently Microsoft announced that general availability of their V12 Azure SQL servers. In a previous post I wrote about some of the issues I had with the V12 Preview after being forced into it due to issues upgrading my SQL Server.

sql-azureMy primary concern was the ability to utilize DACPAC’s with Azure SQL. This is a very common use case with Azure SQL (in my experience helping other companies utilizing Azure) and with Resgrid. In Microsoft original announcement they noted that CU5 for SQL Server 2014 would fix this issue, it does not. Now on the Azure SQL Plan page they note that CU6 for SQL 2014 works.


As noted by muful on this forum post on the Technet forums that the issue that I’ve encountered was due to an errant UDF called [script_deployment_databases] being created in the database. You can verify the existence of this object in your databases by running the query below

SELECT * FROM sys.types WHERE name = 'script_deployment_databases'

I was able see and even rename this UDF, but I could not manually delete it. Installing CU6 for SQL 2014 did not fix the issue. Same error, failed DACPAC Import. So then I installed the Data Tier Application Framework (Feb 2015) both x86 and x64 and tried again and it worked.

So to fix this issue for SQL 2014

  1. Install CU6 for SQL 2014
  2. Install x86 and x64 February 2015 Data-Tier Application Framework
  3. Profit!

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