Azure Deployments with Team City and Powershell

My constant gripe with Azure is the quality of the error messages that it emits. Over the last week I burned days trying to solve a certificate issues that did not exist. Those horrid error messages bit me again while trying to setup automated deployments from Team City to Azure.

I found some great resources to getting Azure deployments working:

Between those 3 blogs I was able to get Team City up and running with automated deployments to Azure. But for one reason the script didn’t work for me. So I’ve created a Gist with the script I’m using for the Azure deployment

Another problem I ran into, circling back to horrid error messages is my build was getting this error:

 The certificate with thumbprint was not found.


Ignore that warning! Look deeper, I got caught with trying to fix that error, as it was the first one, but the real error message is:

ResourceNotFound. Message: No deployments were found.

For me, I had the paths wrong for my cspkg for the service I was trying to deploy. So multiple errors, a path issue and a config variable issue. Once I fixed those errors it worked great.

Happy Deployments!

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