Telerik AppBuilder/Icenium Price Increase Update

It seems Telerik had an immediate course reversal, or the information I got from my Telerik rep wasn’t accurate or up to date. It seems that Telerik is sending out an offer to existing Icenium/AppBuilder customers. I don’t know if it’s every customer, but it should be, so if you haven’t received on contact your Telerik rep about getting one.

Basically you can continue on a Telerik Platform plan that would have been equivalent to what you were using, for the same price as your old Icenium plan until 2015. That’s much better then the 6 months they were offering originally.

The email also included an offer to switch to a Telerik Platform account via an annual payment for a major discount for 2 years. So basically if you were on the monthly plan, you can lock in savings, for me it was actually cheaper then my current monthly payment, and gives you 2 years to make a decision.

Although it’s not a permanent solution, after 2 years your price jumps to the standard rate. But it gives you a year and a half more breathing room then we originally thought. So not a true win-win or long term solution, but it gives us smaller developers some flexibility.

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